Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Sumac branch continued plus a value sketch lesson

wc on1/8 sheet of wc paper
A lovely Saturday working in Kathy Kovala's wc class.  The morning was spent discussing the design and compositional elements important in all paintings.   We didn't get back to painting until just after lunch.  I am still not done with the sumac as I need to put in the shadows and finish up some of the branches.
I and thinking I won't put a background color in.   That will make it more of a "botanical" feel.  OR I might just paint in a faux mat.  Still trying to decide.

Value sketch for a bunch of blueberries
(see tomorrow's post)

Tomorrow (the last day) will be a full day of painting.  We will begin the blueberry study emphasizing the importance of pre planning.
Then there will be a study of water lilies.  Hopefully there will be enough time!  

We have had several extremely hot summer days in the Minocqua, WI area (like the whole midwest).  But it is now raining steadily and it appears to be bringing the temperatures down with it.  Good sleeping weather!  

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