Friday, July 22, 2016

Kathy Korvala's watercolor class called "Rock and Roll"

Sumac leaves will start turning up here in the north woods as our teacher, Kathy, well knows.  So it's a great subject matter.  We are working on 1/8 sheets of 140 cold press Arches paper.  Just nice small studies.  Kathy gave us the image to work with.  Each of us traced it onto tracing paper and then from there onto the wc paper.

So then comes the "rock and roll" part which entails a lovely technique of wetting each leave and dropping beautiful paint into the leaves.  Then with movement we gently move the paint (using gravity) around to mix the colors without using a brush!  (Well, the water goes on with a brush.)  Quin burnt sienna, Antwerp blue, Quin Gold, Auroleon yellow, Scarlet Lake, and Permanent Rose.

Tomorrow we will finish this piece and start working on blueberries which are also beautiful this late summer!  
Such fun…a great class sponsored by Lakeland Art League of Minocqua, WI.  

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