Saturday, July 9, 2016

Drawing pens and the Tangle Cornerz

So the discussion on drawing pens is endless online.
All of us who sketching using pens are constantly looking for THE perfect pen.  

My blog friend, Susan, and I are talking about our favorite pens but most especially pens that use ink as in fountain pen or dip pen

BUT there are a lot of disposable pens with different tips that are great too and of course it all depends on the surface on which you want to write, what kinds of lines you like to make (thick, thin, wet, dry, archival or water soluble) and what kinds of ink you like to use. 
They must be inks for fountain pens, however and not Indian ink or  Acrylic ink which would ruin a fountain pen.  SO MUCH to think about here.  Who knew?   

In my inventory above, the Lamy pen is a fillable fountain pen.  It is the only one I own at this point.  And the "dip pen" of course dips into ink and makes unique lines but not really suitable for outdoor use to my mind.    People who know pens also talk about "flexible or stiff pen tips".  I mean it gets REALLY technical. 

Some pens are really expensive and some quite reasonable.  My Lamy ran about $20 I think.  Dip pens are cheap.  And the disposable pens run $2 to $10 or so.  My favorite are the Microns which I use for Zentangle and which are nice because they come with so many different widths from 005 to 08.  If you don't mind carrying a fist full of pens around.  I usually settle for an 05 and a 005 when doing outdoor sketching.  

Sorting through "some" of my pens I am looking at pens that make black lines only at this point.  I have a lot of metallic, and colored pens for other uses.  What I am looking for here are pens that I would use to sketch with and that is just black lines.  The sketch above was done with the Pigma Pen.  

The Jet Pen company puts out a good list of fountain pens they recommend from their inventory.  

Here is my Zentangle tile for the Shading Facebook group.
I used an 01 Micron for this.  The challenge tangle is called Cornerz.  

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