Thursday, July 21, 2016

Greeting Cards with Gelli Plate

when folded it is about 4 x 8 size card
card stock with acrylic paint and ink

This scroll like print technique on the gelli plate is one of THE most effective and beautiful prints.  I use Martha Stewart craft combs but Gelli Arts also makes their own tools.  You can also make a similar one by cutting out the "rake" or comb out of plastic coated playing cards.  Yippy…a good use for the decks with all the missing cards!  Note: When I do a mono print like this I use a sticky note as a mask for the rectangle in the middle.  

The inside of the card (with gelli print envelope in background)
hand printed washi tape holds the birthday check
Printed by using thinned acrylic paint in an eye dropper then out lined with ink
watercolor background

One of the nice things about the eye dropper technique is that the acrylic paint dries with a raised surface and acts as a resist to the watercolor which is added "after" the printing is done.  

If you are in northern WI on Aug 3, come and see the technique demonstrated at my workshop…see the details on the side bar on the blog and then scroll to my July 10 post for a supply list.  

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