Sunday, November 19, 2017

Practice, Practice.

I am preparing now to teach a LARGE Zentangle® class on Tuesday.  One of the best ways to prep, besides actually packing up my supplies, is to do some regular tangling to get "in the mood".  
I forget how pleasurable and relaxing Zentangle is sometimes.
Tangles I chose here are Irradial, Lollywimple, and Rain.

I'll have over 20 in the class so I've asked friend and tangler, Cynthia Vose, to help me out. What a good friend!!!  

Below you will see some small little people sketches done during a recent meeting.  I have a big problem with hands! So that is something to be working on in the next months.  My goal is also to have the people look like they have personality and are not all the same person!  😟

I attended an Urban Sketching workshop a few weeks ago and the the main thing about this form of sketching that makes it different from say a travel or nature sketch is that an urban sketch should "tell a story" or "record an event".  Having some people in the sketch helps the story part immensely.

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