Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sketching in the Leesburg area

A little time for some outdoor sketching this week...friends Pat and Pete were here from WI and so we managed to get out and about with them a bit.  On Friday afternoon we sent up to the Farm-all Tractor Museum in Leesburg.  Who would have thought to go there?  But the guys were all excited about it.  It was actually quite an amazing collection of just about every tractor and machine they ever made!
Plus some retro things that were fun to see.  

Saturday the guys went to a model train show up in Ocala so Pat and I headed over to Yahala to the Bakery which has live music and outdoor seating on Saturdays from 11-2.  We had a lovely outdoor lunch and enjoyed 70's music!  So relaxing.

Just nice to have a pen in my hand again.  
I have so many projects half done or unstarted yet in the studio.
And a busy week of many obligations coming up!  

Hope to have more artsy fun to share again soon.
Weather beautiful in FL...80s.  
I remembered to set my clocks to "fall back".  
Have a good week.

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