Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Traveling at the Speed of Butterflies

Traveling at the speed of butterflies
You notice things.
Silence surrounds
Loud with sounds
Cacophony of crickets
Hawk on the wing
The river sings.
Traveling at the speed of butterflies 
You notice things. 
A human heart
A small kindness
A bee
A butterfly.
—Sara Thomsen. Written along the Missouri River Water Walk, www.nibiwalk.org

My daughter Julie has just come from attending the Women's Congress held in Minnesota from Nov 3-5.   Sara Thomsen was one of the people she heard there.  The themes were "climate, health, and justice".  You can read more about the congress here.

I love that Sara's poem exemplifies again the "theme" of my own blog (see the quote under the heading) as I pursue my goal of "paying attention".  I am sure that Julie will blog about her experiences in the days to come and I'll share some of what she learned.  

It's nice to think that even though I am "slowing down" as I get older that there are SOME benefits to that!  

I am, as I have blogged before, preparing for a two day art workshop up in The Villages on tomorrow and Thursday.  So watch for my sharing on that in the next few days.  

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