Friday, November 24, 2017

The Diva's Zentangle Challenge for this Week...and more

I haven't posted on Laura's challenge for awhile...since the trip to Florida for the winter, I seem to have gotten side tracked with like a millions things.  Ya know? Suddenly it was Thanksgiving!  Whew!
But it was a delightful gathering at an old friend's home.  

The tile on the left is Laura's challenge for this week...using Paradox and Bunzo.  I love Paradox but have never had much affinity for Bunzo.  But that is what challenges are get you to try out a tangle again.  

The one on the right uses a new tangle for me...Abukas.  It is the sort of flower petal shape in the center of the tangle.  I liked it!  
I added Checkered Flag, Chillion, Hollibaugh, Btl Joos, Cirquital and Dimroth.  

The Zentangle class last Tuesday was well attended and enjoyed meeting some new friends and seeing some old ones!  

I have NO intention of going anywhere today (Black Friday) but will get out some of the Christmas decorations, play some Christmas music and maybe even start my Christmas Letter!  It's been rainy here in central Florida over this holiday but expect sunshine back by tomorrow.  

So it's a perfect day to dry out my new Red Rose tea in Carmel Apple Flavor.  Hope your day will be just the way you hope it will be too.  


  1. Really nice, both of them. I like your whimsical borders too.

  2. I like your bunzo under paradox.

  3. It's a great day to tangle and be at home! I am enjoying your tiles and your blog entry! Mmmmmm, red rose tea in carmel apple sounds yummy! I like how bunzo is deep inside of paradox! thanks for sharing!

  4. Two lovely tiles! Enjoy your tea!

  5. Both are beautiful. I think the best decision is to NOT go shopping on this black Friday. I have seen it in the news and it doesn't seem to be a happy occasion.