Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Few Wild Acrylic Cards to send off

I admit it.  I posted these paintings before (I am pretty sure) in September probably.  At least that is when I did them.  They are little acrylic paintings in the manner of Bob Burridge.  The two on the right are my conception of Hurricane Irma which was happening at that moment although I was safe in WI at the time.  Still my house was suffering through it and I remember quite a bit of anxiety!

The top left called "Summer in the City" came from somewhere in my head. Where do those things reside?  

So coming upon them the other day I trimmed them to fit on 4 x 6 greeting cards and glued them down with PVA glue under weight.  All are done on wc paper.  

It is time to send grandson, Ben, his birthday card.  20 years old.  Ben is completing his sophomore year at UW Superior in WI.   
And then I have two graduations that need cards.  Eric from high school and Missy from college.  When you have 12 grandkids you have to have a special fund for cards and gifts!  

I hear that the midwest is getting some really nice warm weather now.  All those spring flowers will just burst out!  Won't that be wonderful.  Peony are my favorite...so showy and beautiful.  And when my daughter bought her home in Madison, WI she inherited a  peony tree.  Who ever heard of that??? Sounds like something from Alice in Wonderland.

Wishing blog friends a good week.
Am thinking of trying out a new tangle this week for the Back to Square One Facebook group.  Here is the step out.  

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