Friday, May 18, 2018

Reflecting on Today

3.5 x 3.5 watercolor paper

Dear Sharon…

We all know that every experience, painful or joyful and those in between weave the fabric of our lives.  
The painful ones especially need some time and distance before you can even begin to imagine anything of value coming out of them.  

As distance widens you begin to think again…dream again…love life again.  You know. Get hopeful again.
Your body begins to recoup…and you let go of fear and open up fully to receiving the healing prayers around you.

I’ve rejoiced in such wonderful friends and loving family who have surrounded me with comfort and gentle care during this mystifying ordeal.  My dear husband who I really have not appreciated during this.  He suffered maybe more than I did with worry and fear.

Yes, I wonder about that “golden years” myth too.
It surely is an interpretation that mystifies most of us in that category.

But you must admit there often “golden moments” and these I gather up like fallen flower petals and drop them into my journals to press so that I can smell the perfume again, hear the music again, touch the memory.  I've chosen mostly flowers to remember this event.  

I like this unfinished “zentangle tile” I found this morning.  
Done in a doctor’s waiting room where I spend quite a bit of time.
Unfinished…hopeful…comforting…it indeed reminds me of today…
Love, Ginny

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