Thursday, May 24, 2018

Trying to get that feeling again...

This is the same Zentangle tile I posted previously only now it is finished.  I just want you to know how it turned out.  

I've been trying to do a tile a day or every other day.  It is very calming and it helps to feel like I am "finishing" something.  

My energy level is low.  I blame it on two surgeries since March 21 both requiring anesthesia which can really knock you for a loop.  I work on something for 45 minutes to an hour and feel exhausted.  But I hope that will be less and less.  There is nothing wrong with a nap after lunch but not too long.  It is frustrating to want things to progress and then they don't.  

I am walking without a cane now.  Encouraging.  Of course not walking too far but trying farther each day.  As I try to get more involved in the last weeks of the FL studio time, I find that doing short organizational things are helping me along.  Example:

I have just re-filled my palette with fresh tube colors this week.  Decided to do a strip of color samples to remind me of the various hues I have chosen over the past year or so.  The black line helps to remind me if they are transparent colors.  Which they are. I keep track of the brand names...Winsor Newton, Daniel Smith, Graham, Holbein and Qor.   

I have a few projects in mind for the last three weeks in the FL studio.  Then (and even now) I am going over inventory recognizing I am not taking so much with me this summer.  

I need to find a nice way to store my favorite drawing pens. 
I will take watercolors, sketching materials, and some colored pencils north.  Zentangle will go with me.  And some of my gelli print things.  That's about it.  Not so many books this time.  Too bulky and heavy.  

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