Monday, May 14, 2018

Getting Well...AGAIN

Well, it's time for Autumn's tulips to say fare well.  They are really lasted pretty long for cut tulips!  She wondered what they looked like before I said good bye.  Below are my sister's Calla Lillies in amazing gorgeous pink and yellow.  

Granddaughter Maddy sent gorgeous cut Lillies and we have so enjoyed watching them open daily sending sweet perfume all over the house!  

I got back from the second stay at the hospital on Thursday and am making a very slow recovery...but moving forward.  It's tougher the second time and with far more stomach upsetting meds.  But moving slowly forward.  Starting PT again on Friday.  We'll be heading north way later than ever before.  But there you are.

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  1. Such beautiful linear work and the colors are so delicate and delicious! I sympathize with you about your knees but these days will soon be over and you will be better than ever! I think about your a lot.