Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August Painting

This is on very inexpensive card stock (4 x 6) with envelope.  Just an experiment.  So this is another example of idea of just laying on some paint spontaneously and letting it flow around.  After it dries you add details.

The inspiration is Simon's Feed Store in downtown Leesburg...an old time store that sells everything from bedbug poison, to grass seed, to potted plants.   So fun.  In the back there is a pool with fish, parrots, chickens, dogs, etc.  This is the back porch lined with plants.  The outdoor paint group meets there and off through the winter.  Always something to paint.

This is a Happy Birthday greeting for our granddaughter, Abby who will be 19 next week and is heading back to Coe College in a few weeks where she is a sophomore.  

I am working on a little alphabet book for our great granddaughter, Violet Virginia.  She will be one month old on Aug 12. 

Here are the first two pages.  I am thinking of laminating it and then having it bound.  I am using lower case letters in the book because it always frustrates me that kids come to school knowing upper case letters only!  We use lower case much more!!!  

Watch for more pages as the month proceeds.  

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