Saturday, August 25, 2018

Outdoor Sketching by a river...

Looking Out at the Scene by the river...

Final Sketch including a little sketch of the outside the deck and a map of where it is.  
Note the interesting metal fish Welcome Sign.  

In another journal...I did a quick 15 minute sketch of the interesting restaurant architecture.
I was taken with all the dormers.

This past Thursday, the Outdoor Painters met at a restaurant in Boulder Junction,WI called Headwaters, about 40 minutes north east of our cabin in Lac du Flambeau. Somehow we got a lovely sunny morning and about half dozen of us spread out over the hillside leading down to the river just beside the restaurant.  It was quiet (except for now and then a car passing over the bridge).  

The moments were magical there. There were no mosquitoes and just a slight breeze.  We were all in shirt sleeves....and later at lunch time, 4 of us were able to stay and enjoy a quiet visit together talking about art and food and life.  Perfect morning.

The summer season is drawing to a close...we only have one more scheduled outdoor art gathering next Thursday in Minocqua, WI at the Boat House restaurant near Lake Minocqua.  We don't try scheduling for September.  Although I have found September can be a lovely time to sketch.  And I try to find sometime around my area to do that before the temperatures begin to plummet.  

Fall comes quickly here.  We are already contracting for someone to come and pull in our pier and boats about a week after Labor Day.  We will start seeing some leaf color in about 2-3 weeks. Every year for this is slightly different.  Some years wild color...some very subtle.  No one really knows why.  The amount rain fall, number of cold or warm days, etc. all impacts the color.

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