Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Violet Virginia's Alphabet Book

The first 13 pages of my great granddaughter's alphabet book are now done.  (The fist two pages were posted previously).

I'm skipping around the letters.  
Of course these things take longer than you first imagine!!!
The pages are small (4.5" x 6") on wc paper.
So here I thought I'd zip right through this!  HA. 
Well, I am half way.  

A few of the pages will be photos.
G will be grandma and great grandma for instance.
Mommy and Daddy will be photos. 

Then a cover.  
My daughter (grandma) is thinking she'll take the book and have it finished for me.  Bound in some way.  Maybe scanned?  

This one has the poem "This Little Piggy" as a border.

So tomorrow is my outdoor sketching group is meeting in Boulder Junction, WI for the morning.  And we think we might actually have nice weather.  It's been up and down in the Northwoods here.  45 degrees at night here but then often warming up 30 degrees by mid-afternoon!!!  Crazy days.  

Days are shorter now...acorns are falling and mushrooms on the forest floor.  We'll start to see some color in about 3 weeks if things are normal.  I know we are all amazed that it is almost Labor Day weekend!  The kids are all back in school.  

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