Saturday, July 13, 2019

Here and Now completed.

You've seen this page as it developed over the month.  I always like to share it when it's done.  

Wrapped up with my favorite bird...the rose breasted grosbeak.  He was at our feeder many times over the last two days along with his 4 children.  (Mommy must be off on vacation.). The youngsters present their "feed me" wiggles...shaking their wings in a pleading way.  Obviously old enough to feed themselves but like kids do, wanting to be fed as long as possible.  So much fun to watch them.

This page goes from May 26 to July 13.  (So mostly June) but I don't have any real plan to keep to a's whenever the mood strikes and I feel I need to save a memory.  I keep a record of the books I read and sometimes a comment on weather.  I LOVE my thrift shop red cap (which also attracts hummingbirds!). I wear it on all my walks this summer.  And so it goes.  The next page is entitled "Whatever". 

We were off to some garage sales this morning...Greg found a sturdy small ladder for jobs that require only being a few feet up.  
And I found 3 new jig saw puzzles (3 for $1).  I couldn't resist the price.  And a new queen bed quilt that looked like it had never been used for $5.  (I actually use them as room dividers out on the porch.). Hung from clips on a rod across the ceiling they provide privacy in the cozy reading corner but more important keep in the heat on frosty mornings and evenings!  BUT when fall comes I need to remove them and store them in plastic boxes or the mice come and chew them up for nesting material.  The summer porch is not mouse proof.  

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