Thursday, July 11, 2019

Lake Life in the north woods

What a morning we had today out on South Bay on Little St. Germain Lake! Whew.  Was about 65 degrees when I left at 7:45 am (this is really something for me to be up and out of the house THAT early!)  Greg decided he'd like to come along and see the resort and go out to lunch with us.  He plays computer games on his iPad, does his Suduko and reads magazines (and I think he naps) while I paint.  This time he did all that IN the car to keep out of the wind.  If you were in the sun and out of the wind the temp was not too bad.

But I was determined to be at the lakeside.  At least this first time there and I wanted to sketch the iconic red Adirondack chairs on the pier and enjoy the ambiance.  A lot of the artists chose to paint up the hill in warmer places.  I couldn't have done it without the wind breaker. I am so pleased I thought to bring it at the last minute.  It did warm to 71 degrees by mid afternoon and in the sunshine out of the wind it felt cozy.  Hoping things warm up more soon.  

Then a delightful lunch at the 19th Hole Restaurant in St. Germain.
Lovely menu!  Lots of good art talk.  

I have finished up my framing for the Manito Art Show next week. 
You can see a few pictures from last year's show here.  The reception for artists and patrons will be Wednesday evening and I am serving punch at the appetizer table.  This is always catered by a nice restaurant in the area.  We have a harp player and it's very posh!  The show hangs Thurs-Sunday noon.  9-4.  So it's a nice.  

So the outdoor group won't paint out next week due to the show.  
The second round of company here will arrive on the 25th so I don't know about joining the sketching/painting group that week.  Have to see how times match up for arrivals and etc.  We'll be painting at the local nursery/garden center called Stoney Creek in Minocqua. If I go I may have to skip eating lunch out with them that day. 

Our loons have a baby!
This is hugely exciting.  I wanted to be sure Autumn got to see it.
We hold our breath as we often lose baby loons to  predators on the lake and we have had very few survive.  Hawks, eagles, large fish, and turtles can all eat a new born chick. Crossing fingers for the little guy.  


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