Sunday, January 26, 2020

Enjoying Steampunk

It's hard to explain "Steampunk" to those uninitiated folks.  It sort of "grows on you".  I think I am drawn to it because of my interest in "time" in general.  But Steampunk is also has an "industrial" theme.  Just to confuse the issue.  

There is also an element of surreal nonsense involved. 

steampunk, before it became the full-blown sub-culture it is today, started out as a science-fiction sub-genre in the 1970s. Its fundamental inspirations go all the way back to 19th century Victorian writers, such as Jules Verne (author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and H.G. Wells (author of The Time Machine).

  • a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction.
    "the essence of steampunk is homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist"

People often dress up (although it's not necessary) and there is a costume contest. There are usually fire eaters and wild dancing and fascinating and funky music with titles such as the "Dancing Taco" and other silly but fun things.  It's a wild chance to forget reality which in many cases is a good thing to do for bits of time.  

You can buy jewelry with cranks and gears on it, fanciful artifacts that seem to have no real purpose other than to amuse. Most everything has a time piece on it.  Top hats are the de rigor of the costume and goggles are a must.  Not necessarily worn but often on the top hats...a symbol of cyber-punk, I read.  Leather bustiers for women and backpacks that seem to have the ability to send the wearer back in time.  

Mt. Dora had the annual January festival this weekend.  Saturday was THE perfect day to go.  It went up to 70 and had full sunshine which made it seem even warmer.  Fun.  

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