Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Getting the art genes warmed up again...

I've been off the blog for a little happens.  Nothing special, just distracted with mostly good things.  

I get a little inspirational "tip" from Sketchbook Skool on Tuesdays and the tip yesterday was to "DRAW something".  Anything for 10 minutes. Whatever is in front of you.  Just do it. 

So while Greg was getting his hair cut yesterday I began just a line drawing of the various things in the room...folded chairs and bins and hair cutting supplies.  (about 15 minutes actually).  My gosh it felt so good to be drawing again.  Like taking a shower after you have been required not to while something was healing.  Ya know?  AHHHHH.   

So then I went back and watched the TED talk about the value of drawing...I mean really how drawing can change your life.  Have you seen it?  About 18 minutes long so it's a commitment but I really think the guy has the right idea here.  It's like therapy and it can change your view of the world.  No matter how poorly or wonderfully you draw.  Those of you who get my monthly CHAT newsletters already have this link.  

So then I got busy and finished up a small "crafty" project that was in the studio.  I had watched Bob Burridge play in his studio on a video recently and he "freshened" up his old painting smocks by taping off a square, applying white gesso and then when dry just used anything he wanted to have fun playing with acrylics.  Total play.

I have accumulated several old aprons through the past years...and being fairly messy when I paint they were looking fairly yucky.  The two green ones were former aprons from our old church which had our names on them and the name of the church (which I painted over).  One I had to Zentangle®, of course. On that one I used an oil based paint pen. I shaded using Ecoline grey water based brush pens so  I did give that one a quick couple of coats of clear acrylic varnish just to maybe give it a little longer work life.  Wearable art.  Just fun.  

Here's a quick sketch done at the model train show up in Deland, FL last Saturday. It's really hard to find a place to sit down in a show like this.  Greg is off to see everything and after half an hour that's enough for me.  This was a Lionel layout where the folks who set it up had the kindness to put out some folding chairs.  

We are having a string of amazingly warm days in central Florida...with highs in the mid 80s.  January is NOT usually that warm down here so we are happily at the pool or outside in the yard as much as possible.  Looking like snow up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where our summer cabin is located and low temps at night in the minus figures.  This is the place to be!  

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