Saturday, June 20, 2009

Teaching a class about sketching in September

This fall (September 16) I'll be teaching a one day class near Minocqua, Wisconsin called "Sketching Your Heart Out: Journaling in Watercolor".  This is my very favorite class to teach.  (If you'd like to come it's only $25 for the day.)  You provide your own materials).  It's 9-3 at the Woodruff, WI Town Hall, 1218 1st Avenue (Hwy 47 next to the Post Office).  You need to pre-register due to space. Just leave me a note under "comment" and I'll email you a supply list.  
   Although I'll be teaching indoors and we'll talk about all kinds of sketching...I am particularly fond of en plein air.  And although you can sketch in a plethora of mediums, my favorites are ink or watercolor or a combination of the two.  Both of these sketches were done en plein air here in the north woods of Wisconsin right around our lake and our cabin.  The first on one of the many islands and the one to the right is part of our boat house at the lake.  And once you've chosen a medium and learned about materials you can use journals in so many ways.  Many people really do "journal" and do a lot of writing along with their sketches.

Some use journals as "travel journals" amazing way of keeping memories of places visited.  Some make them into a combination scrapbook/journal including maps and ticket stubs and even a few photos.  I'll write more about journaling another day.  

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