Monday, April 12, 2010

Ann Abgott's class: Day one

Remember, in Ann's watercolor classes everyone paints the same thing. You trace her photo and then she paints and you paint.

She is a high key painter (to say the least).
Her pigment load is about 95%. That is she is painting almost straight paint off the palette, layering, glazing, and mingling colors as she goes.

This class (of about 20 gals) is being held up in The Villages for two days. As always I come home exhausted. (My hubby can't figure out how painting can be so tiring!). I know I don't have to explain to other painters!!! Ann suggests that we put a dark dark background behind this bird. What d'ya think? In her example it's quite striking.

This is a quarter sheet of 300# Arches Cold Press.

Tomorrow we do a still life of Ann's choosing that looks very interesting! Her palette of colors is quite nice...I'll share more about that tomorrow.

Time for a beer! Hahahaha.

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