Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ann Abgott's class: Day Two

This painting is about 80% complete. Background needs to go in and none of the objects is completely finished yet.

I'll re-post when it's done. This is one day's work but with lots of stops, discussion, and demos.

What I learned:
1. Take good reference photos with lots of detail and good composition.
2. make color and black and white reference copies
3. Pay attention
4. Work slowly and thoughtfully
5. Work with painting & reference photos upside down: think shapes
6. Pay careful attention to value changes
7. Load brush with pigment for deep and vibrant color.
8. Think about warm and cool colors.
9. go back into wet color with a flat brush and practically no water (just pigment) in order not to get blooms.
10. Paint manufacturer matters.

Some of the colors that were new to me and that I enjoyed using were:
  • Daniel Smith's Quin Burnt orange
  • Winsor Newton Brown Madder
  • Dayler Rowney Permanent Blue
  • Holbein Verditer Blue
  • Holbein's Mineral Violet
A very enjoyable two days and I would recommend Ann's classes if they become available in your area. Check out her website for her schedule and her gallery.

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