Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring in Mt. Dora, Florida

This is partially a fantasy painting....watercolor on canvas 11 x 14. The house is exists right in the middle of Mt. Dora, Florida! A landmark for that town, as you might image, and it's image is on many Mt. Dora brochures and flags etc. It sits right on a lovely tree lined street. I chose to put it out in a country setting and invented the wall and garden around it. This painting sold several years ago and hangs in a bank in Wisconsin! Of all places!

It just looked spring like today and I still have not unpacked my studio, so I thought I'd share it. Give me a few more days now. I am itching to get at it again..and have an en plein gig to attend this weekend so I will be busy finding my "stuff" again soon. I intend to use watercolor on canvas for the paint-out as well. Wish me luck!! My friend Durinda Cheek just finished painting in the garden at Disney's Epcot and she reports folks "were in the buying mood". Wow. That's good news.


  1. Hi Ginny,
    Just responding to a comment you left a while ago...I am signed with a licensing company and they scout out the deals for me. Every contract is different from up front payments to royalties and anything in between. The actual pieces are paper over a plastic switchplate. They even covered the screw tops to match the designs! Thanks for visiting my blog! Take care.

  2. Thanks for getting back to me!!! The switch plates are just beautiful!