Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playing with Charles Reid Style

I am having a lot of fun watching Rhonda Carpenter work with her Charles Reid DVDs. I am brought back immediately to how much I enjoy his style and use of color and brush work. I have his floral VCR tape (it's that long ago) and I have been enjoying having her remind of his drawing techniques and his drippy and loose style. Here is a painting I did after watching that floral VCR a few years ago.

Just for fun you can watch a few previews that give you a "feel" for Charles and how he works. One is here and one is here.

And of course he has a website you can view here.


  1. Ginny, you did a great job on this! I like the fresh look of everything :)

  2. I like it; especially the treatment of the flowers.

  3. Ginny - you most certainly did justice to Charles Reid on this one - it is beautiful. I think those shapes in the background work so well - very enticing:)