Friday, July 2, 2010

First Glazes on Watercolor

You can see below in the 3 previous pictures of the little church watercolor that the roof line is nice and pristine after the wash of the sky.

Now I am proceeding with some yellow and gray washes on the building and on the roof. I am not going for as much "detail" as I sometimes do on an architectural piece. In actuality the "commission" is for a black and white image to put on the cover of a church directory. So at first I was going to do a ink drawing. But there is already an ink sketch of the church done by someone else and so I thought this might be more fun. I'll have to try to run off black and white copies when I am done with it to see how the value contrast is coming along. Another few hours should complete this.

Right now it's just "floating" and when I start putting in the trees and lawn and the cute little sign out to the right side the painting will begin to take "root". I will also scrub out and soften up the clouds that I lifted slightly while the sky wash was wet and give them a little depth as well.

I haven't really done a watercolor architectural piece since I did that gift for my friend Mary last winter. So this is such a treat! This one is smaller (to fit on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of copy paper). It's on Arches cold press watercolor paper. My all-time favorite.


  1. Everything looks right on to me - you have a great start. I am looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

  2. Ginny, you are a very good artist! Architecture is hard, but you have a way with it. I have not used the tape you suggest, but do use the clear packing tape for my resist - you can see right through it - and have not had problems with it as long as I tear it off gently. Have a happy 4th with the family!