Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogging on the run?

With the arrival of my new iPad2 I began yet another learning curve! Yikes. I read my first book on it (Kindle App) and that was quite fun. I am not giving up on books, but I can see how easy it is, especially when in transit to have your books on this device!!! I am downloading a rental movie to watch as we go along.

Another thing I thought might be fun would be to be able to blog along as I travel. How hard could that be? Hmmm. Turns out it is not quite the cinch I thought. You have to have a blogging app!

I've been reviewing the blog apps and so far "Blogsy" seems to be the best choice. Although at this point in time, adding photos to the blog through this app is not a breeze.

Are there any other "Bloggers" out there that are using an iPad? It might be fun to hear about which app you are using. I think I can write on my blog without using an app but I cannot put any graphics or photos on without an app to do that.

We are leaving on Monday. We'll stop for a few days at Calloway Gardens, GA before heading toward WI. I missed the azaleas unfortunately. But hopefully I'll find other things in bloom.
Then we'll head toward the Natchez Trace and head up toward Nashville. Then to Paducah, KY and then s.e. WI for a 10 days to visit the kids and old friends.


  1. Oooh - I want an IPad, too! Sometimes I think the learning curve might prove to be too much for this old brain - but I'd still love to have one!

  2. is better than sliced bread.
    I have added a "sketching" app but haven't had much time to play with it yet.

  3. Do you really have to use a blogging App to update your blog?

    I would think you could login through the normal, web-based interface using Safari that is already on the iPad? Seems like too much work to have to learn another App. (?)

    I just rented a movie too the other day. It is pretty cool. (Too bad the movie itself was BAD -- The Green Hornet -- skip it!)

    David Hildebrand