Sunday, May 29, 2011

Making the Studio Ready for the summer

I don't know about you...but when I want to "work" the space needs to be somewhat organized and inviting. My studio is a 1/4 chunk of a nice garage here in northern Wisconsin. Last year I even got a real door that I can shut. My hubby put in a nice picture window for me a few years back so that I have some good natural light facing toward our lake.

The studio has been getting a little grungier the last few years and it surely does need more finish work, but I need to get going now...have a class with John Lovett coming up June 6 and my en plein air group starts up this Thursday. So today was unpack, clean, vacuum and organize day. It's not done..but I made a real dent.

I just got here from FL last Thursday and I do bring my paints back and forth because the cabin is unheated here (not good for paints) and because I want my brushes, palettes and some collage materials like some stencils and stamps and papers. Any paintings you see, however, were left here. I don't have room to carry paintings back and forth. I decided to hang more of them this year as it seems that otherwise they get knocked around and it's not good for the frames or the paintings to be "stacked". Our cabin itself has very little wall space for hanging the studio has to make do for this purpose.

Weather has "moderated" somewhat here in the northern part of WI so that we are now averaging 65 most days. We might get into the 70s tomorrow although it looks like rain again! It would be fun to see where you all paint too.

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