Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Art Going Commercial

You will remember last month sometime I was working on some oak leave/acorn images for the Seno Woodland Center? Well, this month, my friend send up one of the commercial uses for the new logo. These water bottles were handed out at recent Eco Fair in Walworth County, Wisconsin at the Children's Booth.

It's fun to see your work out there in many different forms! I guess the color version may appear on a hat or a T-shirt later.

For my is pretty much "on hold" right now as I have 4 grandsons visiting me. Photos to follow later. The summer is measured in weeks at the cabin so we play hard and fast while the weather is summery! Lots of swimming, boating, fishing, sailing, kayaking and cooking out! What I should do is go out to the studio from 5 am to 7 am! But what discipline would THAT take! Yikes.


  1. Nice to see the leaves on the bottle. Enjoy the grandsons! Stay cool - I understand it is hot up there also! We had 100 degrees on the front porch in the shade this afternoon.