Thursday, July 14, 2011

Asking for Your Input

My friend, Lou, from Canada and I spend the winter in Florida exploring art. This year Lou was wondering if we could, among other things, do a refresher on drawing. We know that Betty Edwards 1999 book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, has been quite a classic for a long time for good reason. And it has a 2002 workbook to go along with it. I have copies of both of these that Lou and I can use for our "personal" drawing practice this winter.

In an initial exploration of the book and revisiting the ideas for her practice sessions this summer, I came across information about a DVD. The image here is from the DVD cover (not the book). You can get it from Amazon for about $ is a 2 hour DVD exploring the ideas from the book. I had never heard of the DVD (it also comes VHS).

I've never heard of anyone mentioning it, owning it, or using it.
So what I am asking out in the blogging community is if anyone has ever seen it and if so, would it be a worthwhile investment?

Lou and I began to wonder if maybe we could ask some friends to join us in our revisiting the discipline of good drawing. If anyone has ever seen or used this video or DVD, let me know.

You can send your ideas or reviews to Thanks

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