Friday, July 22, 2011

Back Yard En Plein Air

When you have a ton of company...and it's 98 in the shade...sometimes en plein air painting just needs to be in your own back yard! This was sort of experimental using that Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground on a piece of masonite. I did three coats, drying and sanding slightly between coats. But it is really hard to get it smooth and better to just maybe let some of the texture apply to the painting.

This is small...11 x 14" watercolor and gesso.
It's strange to paint on...sort of "chalky" and it does "lift well" but I am not at all sure that I like the surface. I am used to painting on glossy surfaces (like yupo) but this is sort of half way between. There is some surface tension but it also has some "soaking in" qualities. Difficult to work with, I think. Has anyone else tried this?

I missed my regular group painting on Thursday (due to tons of company). For once they didn't get rained out! Hopefully next week I can make painting with the group again.

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