Monday, August 15, 2011

75 day sketching Challenge Day 2 and 3

These sketches are about 5" x 5" and represent several different kinds of pens.
Tombow water soluable pens allow for some water and shading to be added after the sketch which adds variety to the sketches. I am using my Micron Pens too. And the tomato was just a roller ball pen from WalMart.

And I used a burnt sienna ink pens on the one on the right just for variety. The left is the view near our church out over Flambeau Lake. The one on the right is a small portion of our cabin here on Tippecanoe Lake showing the loft windows and hanging plants and shadows from morning sun.

(The mosquitoes were just terrible this morning while I did this! That keeps you sketching FAST!

While I was sketching my husband handed me his FIRST tomato of the season! (Things grow slowly up here in the north woods of WI). He is glad we may get to harvest a few of these in our last 5 weeks here! So anyway, I quickly sketched it (in ink) and then had to add the color with a water-filled pen and my little Winsor Newton color palette.

I am finding that trying to get shape and shadows using ONLY a pen is a new skill for me. Naturally if I do just a contour drawing, you don't have to worry much about that.

My friend, Susan, who is also taking the Challenge says that she has already noticed that she is looking at details much more closely than before!
Anyone interested in starting the challenge, scroll down to my Aug 13 post for details.

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