Thursday, August 18, 2011

75 Day sketching Challenge Day 5 and 6

Greg has 3 tomato plants growing in pots down by the lakeshore where they get sun.
He's so pleased they are ripening up this week.

We had to wait quite awhile in Philips, WI at the Harbor View Restaurant yesterday where lots of folks were having a great old Wed evening. A volley ball game was going on below the deck area and music and lots of good food. So it was worth the wait. (Boy I sure need to practice doing umbrellas!)

I wanted also to share with you a quote from a recent article in the newest issue of "Cloth Paper Scissors" magazine. An article by Loretta Marvel on how drawing was a huge therapy for her in recovery from illness.

...."I picked up a pencil to draw. My view was limited to the living room and what I could see through the double doors onto the wet porch. Ho hum; boring, I thought, but I studiously sketched the two leather chairs and then began on the battered Morris chair, whose many slats kept me busy holding up my pencil and looking up and down to get the scale right. The only sounds in the room were the hiss of the gas fire and the pencil scratching across the page, and after a few minutes I was absorbed in the drawing.....during those drawing sessions, my mind quieted down to the narrow triangle occupied by my eyes and my hand and the page, and I entered reveries as sweet as any that could be had in a tree house swaying in the willows."

(Yesterday we were on our way back from Marshfield, WI where I'd been to see my cardiologist. He says I am doing GREAT! and he's lowering my blood pressure meds again!) Yippee. I wonder if maybe all this drawing is lowering my blood pressure? :-)


  1. Your umbrellas are charming...I LOVE them!! Hugs, Paulette

  2. Congrats on the health update; my appt. is at the end of this month and I'm worried I'll get yelled at, have begun slipping back into "the old ways" and must get back onto the better path. I'm following your sketch challenge and you are doing great; won't join you this time, just too much other stuff in the way, but am getting inspired to sketch more - and boy, do I need it! Hope your tomatoes are tasty, haven't had a single fresh one here this summer, not sure why, maybe too much rain followed by not enough. Keep up the good work!

  3. I am keeping up with you, Ginny!