Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last En Plein Air Sketch for the Summer

I've painted at the Thirsty Whale Restaurant before. But this time instead of acrylic I chose watercolor on hot press paper. (For when you feel drippy.) I have not decided yet if I should go back and do some ink lines on this one. I'll wait a few days to decide that.
It was a beautiful morning on Minocqua Lake...but a cool breeze was blowing and my sweater felt pretty good. It was probably about 73 degrees. We had lunch on the open air deck afterwards (8 of us) and I recommend the chicken salad wrap! Yum. But it was breezy there too and I was STILL glad to have the sweater. (My best garage sale find of the season was that nice sweater!)

Temps here in the north woods are beginning to feel like the cusp of autumn!

Last night I forgot all about my daily sketch! Until 9:39 (as noted on the clock!) So I just sat on my bed and sketched my dresser top!

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  1. I saw that little tinge of fall light this morning too. Must be atmospheric as all the tree tops were stirring. This little watercolor is delightful with all the drips and slips.