Saturday, August 13, 2011

75 Day Sketching Challenge!

I had to laugh at this sketchbook cover. It looks like one of those funny "plan ahead" stickers! I thought it was kind of appropriate, however!!!
I needed something that would make me smile every time I got it out!!! many of you are taking Brenda Swenson's sketching challenge? A sketch every day for 75 days (ink only)!

I think this could be SO helpful and fun.
First off...go to Brenda's blog for all her information on the "challenge rules".
Click here and scroll down to her July 20 post.

After you have read the rules go up to her Aug 1 post for some more hints and suggestions.
Then follow her instructions and send her by email your entry information so you make a "commitment" to do this!

I am starting today so day 75 for me will be October 27.
She would like to have a digital photo of yourself to put on your Artist License when you write and tell her you are done!!! All on your honor!!! You don't need to show anyone the sketches unless you want to!

The materials are some paper and a pen! Duh. We can do this people!
The sketches can be don't need to do anything huge!
My personal hint for this would be to find a small bag of some kind for the sketchbook and pen(s). SO that you can throw it into the car when you are waiting at the dentist or at any meeting while you are waiting for something to happen and so you can find your materials and do not have an excuse that you lost them!!!

Lost for an idea? Empty your purse out and sketch what you find.
Sketch the place setting at your table at lunch.
Go for a walk and bring home some leaves to sketch.

Hey blogger buddies...I am NOT going to do this alone. Who is with me!

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