Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fengle: Roy's Challenge

Fengle, Tipple, BTL Joos
I know, I know.  This is "supposed" to be a mono-tangle.  Sometimes I JUST can't do it.  Fengle just begs to join up with other tangles!  So I am outside the challenge today!  You will have to shoot me in the foot.  I have trouble with rules sometimes.

It'll be fun to see how others approach this.  I have seen some very pretty Fengles in the past so I know it is possible to do a mono with this. 

ABSOLUTELY pouring rain here in the north woods of WI today.  Buckets coming down.  Dark dark.  But no wind, thank heavens.  Prayers for all those in Oklahoma in the wake of the devastating storms there yesterday.  


  1. Maybe no monotnale, but very beautiful anyway.
    I myself did mote then Fengle too, you will be able to see that on my blog later thismweek, after I returned home. from Swiaterland where I am now.

  2. this is great! It's quite unique, love how you added some interest on the 'tentacles' :)

  3. It's nice and reflects a feeling of happiness and joy.

  4. never the less monotangle or not this is nice