Saturday, May 18, 2013

Needing a little ZEN!

Yale, St. John's Cross, Croon, Going Down, Cuke

Just a little relaxing Zentangle today as I "try" to put my studio back together again here in the north woods.  We arrived to a few piles of snow at the road corners (on May 18!!!).  This is a first for us!

And the spring melt, rain, freeze, melt, snow, rain, etc here in northern WI ended up leaving our annex with quite a bit of water on the floor.  (not the cabin, but our hobby area where Greg has his model trains and I have my studio.)  I lost some mat board and some sketching pads that got set too near the floor and wicked up water. Luckily most of my stuff is in plastic tubs or up on shelves. We had a lot of rugs to pull out sopping wet!  Fans going.  I have a heater going in my studio too to help dry things up.  

In betwixt all this I am trying to get all my materials ready for the Joyce Hicks workshop that starts on Monday morning at 9 am!!  We will be busy all Sunday with church and then with an open house at Dillman's with art demos and a dinner there to meet the artists.  Fun.  But no time to pack up art!  I may order the box lunch for the first day so I don't have to bother with that Monday morning. All in all I NEEDED a little Zen today!  

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