Monday, May 27, 2013

One Last Sketch

Sleeping cabin at Clearwater Camp Lake,  Minocqua

I'll be teaching girls 8-16 beginning June 24 at Clearwater Camp.  These sketches (yesterday's post too) are from photos I snapped on Saturday.  Just a small sketch about 9 x 11 on Arches 140#.

I want to have a few sketches of the camp itself to show the girls.  This is a nice one because it has a lot of shadows and several kinds of trees and also some rocks.  Trees, rocks, clouds, shadows...the things that take a little practice.  How to mix a gray.
That's about all there will be time for and there won't be time for even that...there is always the "organization" time.  Then there is dealing with bugs, wind, and hot sunshine!  And that doesn't count taking time to pick a subject!  Hahahaha.  

I want to wrap this up pretty much for now because I want to get on with getting my granddaughter's graduation card done to send tomorrow.  AND then prepping for Brenda Swenson's class that starts on Monday!  I have several show applications to fill out this week too.  ARGHHHH.  

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