Monday, March 14, 2016

Finishing the botanical.

wc Iris botanical on Arches 140# 12 x 14

Just about finished with this one…just a few little "tweaks" to complete it.  

Lovely summer-like weather here in central FL now with temps getting up to 88 the next couple of days.  Pollen from the "slash pines" is flying everywhere…landing on cars and lawn furniture and making us all sneeze and cough.  Probably another week and it will finish up I hope.  Until then I have to keep the windows closed and AC on.  Gorgeous high flying cumulous clouds in the sky moving pretty fast this afternoon with brisk winds.  About 10 of us got together to work on our iris in the art room of Hawthorne Park  this morning!  Such a pleasant time.  

Fun to have girl friend, Lou, here for a few days.  She is an artist too so we talk art non-stop.  

Tomorrow we vote in the Florida primary.  
The campaigns so far have been so outrageous and so violent and so unlike anything we have ever seen in this country.  There are NO republicans that I would trust with the presidency this year.  
The attitudes are so widely divided that I would not even consider putting a bumper sticker on my car for fear it would be vandalized.  I think that is awful to have to say!  

I pray all the educated and thoughtful Americans will vote.  That's what we need to get back on some sort of sane track again.  
It's obvious that American are tired of lobbies, tired of fiscal inequality, tired of the NRA running things, tired of a congress that can't compromise, and anxious about terror and immigration issues.  Just to name a few.  I keep our country in my prayers constantly.  

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