Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March Calendar and Diva's Challenge

8.5 x 11 Calendar on Copy Paper

Diva challenge this week is Shattuck and although it is suggested that it be a mono-tangle…I decided to put it into my calendar as day 23/24.  I then pushed ahead and finished the calendar as I was  feeling "on a roll" and had a little time after dinner. There were a few new tangles for me to try.

In case you at all interested the calendar tangles are 
Diva Dance, Lollywimple, Cubine, Ruffle, Shard, Squaro, Spiteria, Swags, Zonked, Printemps, Snowknot, W-2, Roscoe, 3 Loops 6, Knightsbridge, Shattuck, Jonee, Soluna, Yuma (variation), and Ping.  The one on #29 and #30 has no name yet that I know of.


  1. Very pretty calendar month 😊 nice gems too

  2. Great calendar and I love the gems sprinkled here and there.

  3. Clever to fit Shattuck into this, well done

  4. this is terrific...so much to look at and yes, the gems are stunning

  5. I like the way there is just a little colour here and there but not too much.



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