Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Unfinished vs Finished

Botanical "Iris" 10 x 12 Arches cold pressed

February Calendar Fun…Old favorite tangles and come new
8.5 x 11 "  Finished

Thanks to botanical artist Pam McKee, I had my first lesson on how to paint a botanical.  Intimate views of plants, roots, leaves, flowers, and any growing thing.  Pam tells the class that a true botanical artist is extremely careful to be accurate in size, color, and relative positions as well as accurate in correct leaves for the season of the flower in question.  Accurate as in "measuring" the items to be painted.  Fascinating emphasis on detail.  She gave us the drawing of the iris ahead of time so all 15 of us painted the same flower... but naturally they were all quite different.  I hope to get the flower done yet this week.  Otherwise you know how these "put off" jobs go.  It gets lost in the shuffle!  

Finished is my little Calentangle for February.  It's quite fun to do a "snippet" tangle for the day.  Stephanie has posted a calendar for my sake starting on Sundays.  Apparently in Singapore they use a Monday start most often.  But the Monday start was too confusing for me!  

Gorgeous 80 degree Tuesday today.  I feel pretty lazy.
Doing up sheets and towels as my daughter, Julie, left to return to snowy cold WI this morning with a stop in sleety Detroit on the way.  I hope she made her connection!  

We'll be watching the returns for Super Tuesday primaries tonight. (Fl votes on March 15).  You all know I stand with Hillary Clinton.  It's so important that all Democrats vote! AND we welcome any thinking Republican to cross over.  If ever there was a reason, it's this year!  

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  1. I love the iris - a beautiful start! I also am with Hillary! Mr. Trump scares me to death! What in the world is wrong with America!