Thursday, March 31, 2016

Warm FL early evening PLAY in the studio

It's nice when you have a little block of time to gather up some things that have been calling to you.  Like a new pen to play with in your sketchbook…trying out a Uni-ball 207 gel pen (.7 mm) to see how it will flow on a Stillman & Birn (Beta series) sketch book.  Just a little 30 minute sketch of my studio.  I'll add color later.  

The following you won't really understand unless you do journaling and enjoy seeing journals.  Having a "blank page" stare at you when you are ready to write or draw or use mixed media is somewhat of a downer.  So many of us take an afternoon and prepare "backgrounds" or altered pages so that when we are ready to journal we have some colorful backgrounds from which to choose.  This one above is gelli-print on the page directly and some collaged paper and some washi tape.

These involve prints, stencils, brayer wipe off, softened edges with glazed white paint.

Trying out some new "Delusions" acrylic paint with stencils.

I glued this deli paper gelli print on with YES glue which I think reduces the
wrinkles in the paper.  Then applied fine line white paint faux hand writing.
Sometimes you do want a white page to begin with.  I have plenty of those too.

So the idea is that none of these is complete…just a "background" for more art work that will go on top.  

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