Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 7 of Ink-Tober: the prompt is LOST

The word prompt "lost" immediately sent my thoughts to my GPS which is my life saver.  I have been "map challenged" all my life!  And when I started to do the map on this page I misplace Disney! They would not be pleased.  So I corrected it, it is directly south of us about an hour.  

So it is that our little home in Leesburg (and Disney nearby) is hunkering down in preparation for getting hit with Hurricane Matthew tonight and tomorrow.  They expect 60 mph winds and 5" of rain even 150 miles inland!  It's a huge storm!  Very worrisome.  Friends say they have not been evacuated yet but gas stations are running out of gas and the lines are long at the grocery and they are out of generators and flashlights.  I have everyone in my prayers that there will be no loss of life and limited loss of property.  And of course we worry about our little house sitting there.  But we are glad we are NOT there!  

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