Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ink-Tober prompt: SAD and a triple whammy

Triple Whammy today with 3 postings all in one!
My Ink-tober prompt is first, then another is the tangled calendar series, and last a group of tiny Bijou tiles with new tangles that I am enjoying….

The word "sad" required some thought.  We all have some sadness in our lives.  I decided to interpret it more as melancholy rather than sad…a time of thoughtfulness and remembering as the change of seasons can bring on.  Also as we make our annual transition from one climate and one home to another we take stock of what is important to us and reflect on the things we love.  I did this ink sketch sitting out on the far side of Tippecanoe Road and looking at the entry (and exit) to the cabin that you cannot see in the woods beyond.  Sort of a time to think of "comings" and "goings".  We are at peak color this weekend up here which I think is a little late for us but we have frost predicted in the next few days.  Leaves will come down even faster then.  Here's to the good summer and the hope for returning in good health and happiness.  

The anonymous calendar project (it is actually July 2017) but could be any month of 31 days starting on a Saturday, of course.  I loved using some new tangles on this one…"Slab" is a great tangle on the left on days 9 and 10.  Love that tangle but the name is weird.  And "actinar" on days 27 and 28 is a fun one too.  

And these are tiny Bijou tiles where I am having fun with some brand new tangles…just to try them out.  Top left is "Taaj" and top right is "Embrace Joy".  Middle row left to right is: "Specto", "Mystery," and "Mosaic".  Bottom row: is "Jiami" and the last one I have lost the name of.  Anyone know what it is called?

I will pack up my north woods studio over the next two days as it is THAT time of year again.  My studio is where we put all the games and puzzles, and many pieces of porch furniture for the winter to keep them safe and snug.  Once the studio door is shut, hubby piles a lot of stuff against it and there is NO getting back for anything!  So I have to pack up carefully.  So my art work become quite limited now for the rest of October.  Sigh.

But travel is fun too and we have some new and interesting spots set up this year to visit.  I keep sketch books out as I travel.  AND we don't want to get to FL too soon as they are dealing with Hurricane Matthew right now.  Yikes.  140 mph winds?  OMGosh.  

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