Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Diva's Challenge for this week…Nzepple and Flux

Nzepple and Flux

I have never much taken to "Nzepple".  But one of the example step outs for this was a "random" grid line instead of a diagonal grid line.  I found that more interesting to me and a very different outcome!  Like many, I prefer Rick's version of "Flux".  

I often do my Diva Challenges on my blank calendars.  I am not sure why but I enjoy the fun of interlocking the tangles.  It's a great place to try out new tangles to see how they might fit into that sort of "string"effect.  When the background is white, I sometimes "lighten" the cross lines on the calendar a little with a white pen to soften the effect and allow the pattern to show better.  

It's great to be getting back into my routines a little here in Florida again.  I am a bit behind now on my Ink-Tober challenge but to hope to get caught up again with that soon.   And I have about 6 other artsy things going.  Thanks to Susan, I've signed up and purchased a Craftsy Online Class on Urban Sketching so that needs to have some practice time too.  Hubby is all set to attend his first model train show in Inverness on Saturday with a friend.
All is well.


  1. Enjoy your winter south, I like the idea of tangling on the calendar. Nice combination, and I love the touch of green.

  2. A clever use of an old calendar and a good way to get a starting structure. I like the way you have let the two patterns show their own character.

  3. Like you I prefer the NZeppel with the random grid. I think you did very well with this challenge.