Monday, October 3, 2016

Ink-Tober Day 4: Hungry

I got such a kick out of my mistake in the spelling of "hungry" which I posted at first as "Hungary"-- the country. I guess I thought was going to have to draw a map or some building in Budapest?

Luckily I discovered it before I planned the sketch!  
Hubby was willing to do about a 10 minute pose for me at breakfast this morning (after he actually ate of course). 
Hungry being one of his favorite words!   

This is harder for me…figure poses.  And I discovered that trying to inform the viewer that something is white when you are drawing in black is not so easy.  Greg's beard is almost all white now but it sure looks black in the sketch!  (He thinks it makes him look young! So he's not complaining.)  

I am also not sure about the length of his arm…if I got that correct.  He thinks it reads okay but I think it looks a little short. 
Anyway, it shows that much practice is needed!  

Speaking of "hungry" we are planning out the last meals now so as to get the fridge and the cupboards as bare as possible before we leave for FL.  We know it will be 28 below 0 in the cabin in a few months so we have to say to ourselves…what cannot stay here?  Obviously anything in a can or a jar has to go.  And not to FL as we have our car packed to the brim when we leave!   

One week from tomorrow.  So 8 days and counting now.  
We are getting a few days of nice sunshine and about 60 degrees so we are headed outside for closing chores in the yard.  Much colder weather expected by the weekend.  We may get frost.  We are late on that actually and usually have had frost by now.  Sometimes even a dusting of snow!  

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