Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Autumn Forest" Nearing Completion

I've had a few good suggestions and a few ideas of my own on some improvements. (scroll back one post)

I didn't like the sameness of the two brown trees and so that one became larger and longer and developed a branch that went off to the side. One of the colored trees got a bit larger. And I covered the bit of light colored leaves on the forest floor as sticking out and not adding to the composition. Acrylic is nice for making changes, isn't it?

I like how the rocks repeat the colors in the sky and the background in the painting.

You'll notice I haven't signed it yet. Still musing.

The acorns are falling now in the north woods and today the temp never got above 65 and sunny and windy. A very autumn like feel to the air!!! So I felt inspired to work on this.

I missed my en plein air group this morning due to company coming up from Pewaukee for lunch. Hopefully in a few weeks I can join them again.

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