Monday, August 23, 2010

Bob Burridge's class at Dillman's: Day One

Bob has a great style and is very entertaining and the class has about 22 members. It is being held at Dillman's Resort (you can google this to get the schedule of workshops.) It is very expensive but they have a marvelous facility and amazing well-known instructors. Dillman's is in northern Wisconsin about 2 hours south of Lake Superior in Lac du Flambeau.

The first two days we will be working with the figure as a centerpiece for our semi-abstract work. We have a live undraped model (professional dancer and model) and it has been so wonderful to have her. This piece is acrylic on canvas 11 x 14.

The second two days will deal with the use of collage. As you might expect I am exhausted as all workshops are very intensive. Needless to say I will sleep well tonight!. More tomorrow.

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