Monday, August 16, 2010

Demo for workshop

This nice sleepy looking Holstein will be my in-class demo on Sept 15 at my workshop. The hard part is stopping the fun and waiting to do it in class!

I've paper painted the vertical fence posts and two of the horizontal ones..a tiny bit of the white and shadow on the lower nose and am experimenting with a dark blue for some of the blue/black shadows to the right of his face on the body. But that is all I've done.

The rest is just acrylic paint at this point. I was not planning to paper paint the red of barn but we'll see on that. The grass I think will just stay paint but I will sprinkle some colorful torn paper flowers into the grass and pick up some of the red there. She is painted on YES canvas board 11 x 14.

AND I think the painted coffee filter paper is going to work just seems to tear nicely and has good coverage! Info on the class is in the previous post (Aug 10).

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