Thursday, July 26, 2012

Participate in a Webinar? Who Me?

Kind of looks like serious business here, doesn't it? That's my iPad in front of me and I am tucked into a quiet corner in the Minocqua Public Library (WI) using their WiFI connection which is free and faster than mine at home.

Here I am adjusting the earphones at the start of the program. 4 pm EST and 3 pm CST (me the latter) in Wisconsin.

Here is one of the first slides up.
The Webinar was titled "Untangling Zentangle" and hosted by Australian Artist, Kass Hall.

I first heard about this when my Florida friend Cynthia alerted me to it and I registered (free) and thought I'd give it a try.

First I had to download an app called "GoToMeeting" in order to set up my iPad for this event. (Also free.) I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to SEE Kass talking (just hear her live from Australia). And I heard the presenter who introduced her and then collected questions participants typed in and read them to Kass. I think some Webinars are set up for visuals and for interactive talking. But this one was a short one (one hour) and so they stuck to a power point presentation and Cass's narration and discussion.

When there was a slide up that I wanted to keep I simple took a photo of my iPad screen! There was enough time to do that.

Like all art forms, there are rules but they are made to broken.
She has just written a book called Zentangle Untangled which you can buy at Kind of cool to be listening to Cass from Australia while I sat in WI! I think I will get her book. Looks great. There will be another webinar on August 29 on Journals. Another technology adventure for me!


  1. check out the 12 blog list on Kass's website. Some of the artists are giving a critique on her book. You can see if the book is what you want. The zentangle inspired work is wonderful as well. You are doing some amazing pieces!

  2. Very proud of you Mom...GoToMeeting is essential for our day to day business- we use it to present materials to clients ALL the time. Most webinars are not with visuals of the person.