Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zentangle-Inspired Art

Just an experiment.

I took an old watercolor that I did years ago and re-invented it. Then cropped it.

Just a fun little wild mix. I wanted to see how the ink Zentangles might look ON TOP of a watercolor. It's a little harder to manage as the ink soaks in differently than on a smooth unpainted surface.

And on some parts I did the "shading" with watercolor and not pencil as you would do with a black/white/gray piece of art work.
I think you can enlarge this image by clicking on it. The idea of having a center of interest is somewhat "lost" on this painting but I could get that back by using gouache and softening out the painting edges.

The original wc was about 15 x 22" and on cold pressed 140# arches. This cropped image then is about 12 x 15 I think. The original painting was done as a "poured" painting first and then negatively painting to define sort of "ribbons" criss crossing. Then I did some wc patterns on a few of the ribbons which I left in the painting. I like this effect as the softer wc patterns lay down in the background nicely.


  1. Very eye catching; pleasing color combination!

  2. It is really fun when you find a composition that seems to "have a place" for Zentangles.
    I'll post a few others that I am thinking about.
    Let me know what you think.
    When a painting has been around awhile (in my box) and it does not seem to have that pizzaz that might make it a real exciting painting...this is one option.



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